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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy 2nd Family Day: Nash

(Family Day: September 11, 2010)
I can hardly believe that two years ago today we were hugging our son Nash for the first time. He came to us as a complete surprise. We were sort of waiting on a baby girl, and all of a sudden we were getting two more sweet boys. Thank goodness that God's plan is better than ours. I wouldn't change a thing. Looking back, it is hard for us to remember that we didn't have Nash from the time he was a baby. He fits into our lives so perfectly. He was so timid and scared that first day that we met him.

(1st Family Day: September 11, 2011)
One year later, Nash was perfectly assimilated into our family. He knew who we were and we knew him. He was our son and we were his family. Nash is a brilliant child. He picked up the language quick, potty trained himself, and constantly amazed us with his ability to try new things. He has one of the most beautiful smiles ever.

(2nd Family Day: September 11, 2012)

My loving Nash. I cannot help but think about how our lives would be different if roadblocks had not come into our adoption. At one point we thought that we would not be able to adopt from Taiwan again and then God opened such great doors that led us to you. You are one special boy. You are my son.

You are so silly. I love how you always want to make people laugh. There is a joy in your heart that is contagious. Your dimples light up the room.

Nash, every day I pray that God will use your life as a testimony of His greatness. I pray that you will always have the loving and caring spirit that you have shown us for the past two years. I am so thankful that you are my little boy.

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