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Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Fifth Family Day with Reed

(Family Day: September 10, 2007)

 I'll never forget the day. We had waited so long to become parents. We arrived in Taipei earlier in the week and did some sightseeing all the while thinking that we were finally in the same country as our son. Abbey and I walked up the small alleyway with my in-laws close behind. We came to a door where there was a lady waiting, we walked through the door and in the stroller before us was the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, breath-taking sight we had ever seen. Our son, Reed. We were already in love with his photos, but the ability to finally hold this treasure in which God had entrusted us, was completely amazing.
(1st Family Day: September 10, 2008)

The first year of parenthood was completely amazing. We absolutely loved taking Reed everywhere and showing him to anyone that would look. He was truly the most amazing little boy we had ever known. Our hearts were totally full of love for him.

(2nd Family Day: September 10, 2009)

As Reed grew, so did his personality. He was a little shy in the early years, but when he loved somebody you knew it. He and his best friend Britton were always together and still top each other's lists today. Reed's smile and round cheeks were breathtaking. 

(3rd Family Day: September 10, 2010)

We spent Reed's third family day in the airport and finished it in Taiwan. We were traveling to get our two newest loves, Nash and Will. Reed was a trooper on the airplane, but had some crazy jet-lag. By this year, Reed's chubby baby cheeks had given way to big boy face. Reed grew taller and we fell more in love with him.

(4th Family Day: September 10, 2011)

Reed's fourth family day was spent at Manya's wedding. By now, Reed was certainly a big boy and had the looks to prove it. Reed proved to be athletic, musical, and quite the comedian.

(5th Family Day: September 10, 2012)

Reed is in Kindergarten. How did time fly by so quickly? He is loving, stubborn, sweet, funny, inquisitive, and genuine. He makes sure that he takes care of his three little brothers and knows exactly when to tell us he loves us.

My Amazing Reed, words escape me as I try to type what you mean to us. You are kind, you are smart, you are loving. You have brought so much love into our home. You have filled out hearts with joy. 

You are a special boy, who was chosen specifically by God to be our son. I thank God for EVERY trial, every painful diagnosis, every moment of time wondering would we ever become parents. For if we had not had tht struggle, we would not have you. You are completely worth every tear.

As you travel through life, I hope you always remember that nothing you can ever do will take away our love for you.We love you. You are our son. Thank you for being you.
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