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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reed's First Day of Kindergarten

We can hardly believe that we have transitioned from a life of four preschoolers to a house with three preschoolers and a Kindergartner.

Abbey got everything ready so that she would be very prepared for Reed's first day of school. We didn't want to be late.

Reed made Abbey promise that she would not forget to wake Reed up for his first day of school.

Will was not ready for the mamarazzi this morning.

Reed was excited but a little sleepy.

Nash took his usual position on the couch. The boys needed some "Scooby Doo" to get the day started.

Tuck has a double ear infection and is getting new teeth. It is really affecting his sleep ... And ours.

Abbey made confetti pancakes for Reed's first day of Kindergarten.

Reed was so impressed ...

After a few bites, he perked up.

Tuck loved the pancakes. Will loved the whipped cream. Nash was not really into either one, but he did end up eating some sausage.

Reed was so excited to be going to school. Last night I was telling him about his teacher and he said "I love Mrs. Sarah." An interesting fact about Mrs. Sarah is that her husband, Mr. Robert was once of Reed's first Sunday School teachers in the nursery at church. Tonight she texted Abbey a picture of when Reed was in Mr. Robert's class.

I was doing really well until Britton came over to tell Reed to have a good day. They have been together all their lives. Flat Reed even went to visit Britton in the hospital on the day he was born. This will be the first time they have attended separate schools.

We are so proud of Reed. It seems like just yesterday we were in Taiwan holding him for the first time and look at him now, going to Kindergarten.

Reed stood in line with his classmates and waited on Mrs. Sarah to tell him to go. I think the little boy in the striped red shirt in front of him became his friends yesterday.

We couldn't be happier that Reed has Mrs. Sarah for his first experience in big boy school. She is going to be awesome.
We left Reed in good hands, but it was hard to walk out the door. I still can't believe he is in Kindergarten.

Abbey made cookies for his first after school snack. He was really excited.

I was so happy to see Reed when he came home from school. He told me that he made a new friend and had a girl friend. I asked him what he learned and he told me that I would have to call Mrs. Sarah and ask her.

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