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Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome Home Baby Wei

We have posted before about how blessed we are to get to help bring families together through the blessing of adoption. Taiwan adoptions are especially meaningful to us, so being able to help our youth pastor and his wife find adopt their son was one of the highlights of our summer.

Mike and Sharon were not expecting to move so quickly in their adoption, but when Abbey got the email from Deana telling her about a new baby boy, she immediately knew that he was the one for Mike and Sharon.

Abbey told the Cunninghams about Wei one day after church at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. It was an emotional time.

We were so excited to go to the airport and see them as they arrived home with baby Wei. They looked so great. It was fantastic to see them together. We actually got to meet baby Wei when we we in
Taiwan to get Tuck.

You know it takes a village to raise a Wei.
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