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Monday, July 16, 2012

Fourth of July

Last year we had the best time with the Davidsons at the downtown Nashville Fireworks display. This year, we spent the day with Uncle Bill. First we went to Famous Daves for some super good Bar-B-Q and less than stellar service.

While the boys napped, I had the privilege of taking Mike and Sharon Cunningham to the airport to travel to Taiwan to get Baby Wei!!!

When I got home, we headed downtown. Uncle Bill used some of his Hilton points to get us a hotel room downtown so we didn't have to battle the traffic after the show.

The boys were so excited about the fireworks. We got there too early and so the boys had to be entertained by the "almost" famous musicians who were headlining the event. I think they were more impressed with uncle Bill's selection of snacks that he packed.

Reed could hardly wait for the fireworks to begin. Of course, he remembered how loud the fireworks were, however, Uncle Bill being who he is, had ear plugs for the boys.

Thankfully, right before we got there, a light shower hit and cooled things off. It was a welcomed event for us. After what seemed like forever, we were excited to see the fireworks light up the sky.

This year's show was AMAZING. It was absolutely beautiful. Please note: the sparkly lady in blue above isn't a firework, she's my wife.

The boys loved the fireworks and I did to. But I think that I liked watching their faces and seeing their reactions more than the show. It was so neat to see the magical look in their eyes.

After the fantastic show, we walked a couple of blocks to our hotel. Uncle Bill took the big boys down to the pool to "wash" off. They said the water was freezing.
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