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Monday, July 23, 2012

Enna's 60th birthday was July 11, and we decided a few months ago that we would not let it pass without a big celebration.

Sadly, my brother Trae, passed away just a few weeks before mom's birthday. In fact, the last conversation that I had with Trae was about Mom's birthday party.

Due to the tremendous sorrow of the time, we were really thinking about abandoning our plans and I really think that Mom wanted us to, but we said the party must happen.

We grilled burgers and hot dogs and rented an inflatable waterslide. And many many people came. It was a super fun time.

It was fun to get to honor my mom on h birthday. I was born on Mom's birthday so it has been 33 years since the last birthday party she had that was just for her.

My little brother and his wife, Alyson helped us pull off the special birthday party. The boys loved playing with their cousin Joshi.

Right before it was time to eat a huge downpour came through and forced everyone inside (we totally didn't plan on that happening!). After the rain a beautiful rainbow appeared. We were sure that God sent it to remind us all that Trae was there in spirit.

After the party, we left the big boys in Mississippi to hang out with Enna and Poppy for a few days. I think they had a great time.

Location:Enna's 60th Birthday

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