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Monday, July 16, 2012

Drake Reunion

Abbey grew up with the tradition of going over to her grandparents house on the Fourth of July. A few years ago, the tradition began again when we started going to Aunt Suzy's country house for a fourth of July get together. This is often the only time during the year that we meet up with all of Pop's family.

This year, Suzy and Jimmy rented an inflatable water slide that was a huge hit with the kids.

Will was not as impressed with the slide, but the little wading pool at the end of the slide was quite appealing to him.

Wait ... I didn't realize that Tuck was there. Oh yeah that is right, he was being spoiled by his aunts and cousins the entire time. It did make it easier for us to visit with family.

Uncle Richard was quite entertaining. Even Claire was amused

The kids pretty much stayed on the slide the entire time. It was worth every penny.

We got to visit with baby Brooks, Aunt Ava, and Uncle Brookie too.

Lola had fun showing off all of her boys. As the mother of two girls girls, I bet she never imagined she would be grandmother to FIVE boys.

We took charge of "chaperoning" the slide.

I always love getting to visit with family. We have such great relatives.

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