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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nashy's Fourth Birthday!

 Yesterday was Nashy's fourth birthday! Abbey did another fantastic job planning another birthday party extravaganza.
 Nash was a little overwhelmed when people first started arriving.
 Will enjoyed all of the room to run around.
 Aunt Ava made Nash a super cute shirt for his racing birthday party.

 Lola was in charge of the popcorn. It was yummy!

 Nash's girlfriend Ellie was at the birthday party and he was really excited to play with her.
 The party planner kept her cool the entire time. Tonight, however, it's all business getting everything packed for the big trip to Taiwan this week.
 The party-goers got to make graham cracker stoplights.

 Nash thought his stoplight was extra tasty.
 Nash's birthday cake was a brownie that Abbey turned into a highway that was shaped like a "4". It was paired with vanilla ice cream and homemade hot fudge sauce.

 Nash loves ice cream.
 Nash was super excited about the presents. He LOVES getting presents.
 Ellie gave Nash a big hug.

 Ms. Kelsie came to celebrate with her Nashman.

Aren't they a cute couple? I think that Nash enjoyed his fourth birthday and we loved being able to celebrate with our friends. Nash is a bright spot in our lives. He is full of love and compassion and he has the most adorable dimples ever.

We leave on Wednesday at 10 AM to go and pick up Tuck!
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