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Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day!

 This winter, the springlike weather is amazing. Today, after I got home, Abbey left to go to exercise class. I wanted to get in some great Vitamin D, so I took the boys for a walk.
 The boys love their "tricycles" Lola and Pop got them for Christmas.
 Will loves his wagon that Enna and Poppy bought him for Christmas.
 It was so funny how quickly those boys can make their trikes go! It is crazy! They zoom.
 I can't remember what was happening in this photo, but it was obviously quite important.
 Reed was temporarily "stuck" in a driveway, and sweet Nash jumped up off his trike and ran as fast as he could to help Reed. He is such a nurturer.
 Reed has the funniest expressions. He cracks me up.

 After a few minutes, Will got a little antsy. He had to move around in the wagon.
 Nash got mad when I wouldn't let him play with my phone. He is so funny. Tonight, I was telling Abbey about it at supper and he said "cause daddy wouldn't wet me pway wiff his phone."
 After a bit, it was time for the boys to take a break and I had to pull them all in the wagon. They had a lot of fun.
On Wednesday we will be two weeks out from our trip to go get Tuck. We are sooo excited.
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