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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Poppy's Almost 60!

 I so remember thinking that 60 was old! As I've gotten a little older, I've realize more and more just how young 60 is. Especially, now that my daddy is turning 60 in a couple of weeks. His birthday is the day before Reed's.
 When Poppy was here last week, we decided to celebrate his birthday early with a strawberry cake. My Mimi (dad's mom) used to make strawberry cakes. Daddy always said that if Mimi made a "pretty" cake, DON'T eat it. But, if it falls apart, eat it up! Abbey's cake was delicious and pretty, but when she cut into it, it started resembling Mimi's cake.
 I love my dad so much and I am thankful for his 60th year on earth!
 Yesterday, while the boys napped. Abbey and Reed tried a new "crock pot" cake recipe.
 We enjoyed it last night after eating some sloppy joes.

 Reed did the photography and I think that he did really well.

 The recipe was a chocolate pudding cake. It was really good and very rich.

Unfortunately, we forgot the final product picture. It was really good though, but we all decided it would have been good with some vanilla bean ice cream.
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