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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reed's Firth Year Fiesta

 We cannot believe that our sweet little Reed is 5!
 Our boys are quite blessed to have a mother that is an amazing party planner.
 Abbey decided that Reed's birthday would be a Fiesta since he LOVES Mexican food.
 Of course, Abbey's good friend, Etsy was helpful in finding all of the right birthday signs, invitations, etc.
 I love Abbey's sombrero cake.
 Reed was really excited about his birthday party. He continually reminded us that he was the birthday boy.
 Aunt Ava made reed his amazing shirts.
 Nash is now ready for his birthday party next month.
 Will is so glad that Pop and Lola are here.

 The kids all got to make their own maracas.
 Reed's best friend Britton was at the party. Reed loves Britton. Always has.
 The silly brothers love each other as well.

 The spread was AMAZING. Tacos, Cheese quesadillas, chips and rotel, homemade salsa, fruit salsa, and churros.

 Lola was a HUGE help to Abbey. Abbey and Lola did all of the decorating and cooking. I worked on clean up.
 Nashy knows which present was his favorite.
 Our "nanny" Miss Kelsie came to the birthday party. She is a blessing. We are trying to talk her into moving in.
Will enjoyed LOTS of candy!

We are so blessed! So excited to have our Reed. So thankful that God lets us be his parents and still gave us more.
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