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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween

Abbey had the grand plan that the boys would be the three amigos for Halloween. Well, really, she first wanted them to be the lion, tin man, and scarecrow, BUT ... that didn't last so long.

When Abbey and Lola took the boys to try on sombreros the boys had NOTHING to do with them. They were not even the least bit interested in being the Amigos.

Apparently somewhere down the road, our boys have learned from their friends that most kids actually get to choose what they are going to be for Halloween. Can you imagine the disgust I felt that my kids had learned that when it came to Halloween costumes, there was freedom of choice!?

Nash and Reed apparently have also learned that there is power in numbers because together they forcefully declared their desire to be Mario and Luigi. Well, to be completely honest, they said they wanted to be Mario and Uligi.

Yesterday the boys along with Abbey and Lola went to the businesses downtown and trick or treated. Britton and his mom were also there.

Since the boys were Mario and Uligi, I thought it would be cool to have Will dress in a little green dinosaur outfit. That way he could have been Yoshi.

However, we couldn't find that outfit.

So he went as a three eyed monster. Just in case the boys would give in to Abbey's desire that the boys be dressed alike, Reed and Nash also have little monster costumes.


I love these pics.

Last night we had the harvest festival at church. It was huge and fun!

The boys got WAY too much candy!

Caleb "trunk or treated" with us.

Two "uligi"s!

Two Marios!

A good time was had by all!
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