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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a Weekend?

The Land boys are so proud of the Land Girl. She ran a half-marathon yesterday and finished with an incredible time!

Check out those stats. This is a woman who was 61 pounds heavier just a few months ago and has trained, eaten right, and gotten into shape. We are so very proud of her. Finishing in the top third is amazing!

I love that she was wearing her Dream Big shirt for Kids Ministry Conference.

Reed was very proud of his mom and that she was the champion!

I am not a runner and honestly I don't have any desire to be one. Abbey, however, has desired to run a half marathon for a long time! She realized that dream yesterday.

After the race, it was almost time for Hunter's birthday party. Reed is a bit of a socialite, so it's hard keeping up with who his best friend is. Hunter is definitely one of them.

The boys loved the leaves.

They are such fun boys to play with.

Of course, the ladies' man, Will wouldn't be outdone.

He enjoyed handing with his ladies: Addie, Izzy, and Cate.

After the party we came home for nap. The runner went to get her haircut. Then we had dinner with the Miller's. Today was a busy day at church. Abbey is going to a writers conference this week, so I am going to be a single dad for a few days.

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