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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It a Tucklebration!

On October 27, at 3:02 PM in Taitung, Taiwan a beautiful baby boy was born. He is amazing and he is ours! We are so excited that Jackson Tucker "Tuck" Kai Land will soon be joining our family.

He was born healthy and well! He is over 7 pounds and it 20 inches long. He is so amazing and he looks VERY VERY much like Will when he was newborn.

From Oct 27, 2011

Tonight we were blessed to have many friends come over for a celebration of Tuck's birth. Tuck is one really loved little boy.

I would love to keep posting, but I'm exhausted.

Please be praying:

1. Pray that the court process would move quickly.
2. Pray for Tuck's birth mom.
3. Pray that Tuck will be healthy and loved.
4. Pray for our Deana, Wuli, and Alexia, the nannies, and other staff in Taiwan who take amazing care of our babies. They are truly doing God's work and we are so thankful for them.

Currently we have a couple of fundraisers going.

The ornaments above are hand-made pottery designed by a coworker. As soon as we figure out the best shipping method, we'll let you know how to order.
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