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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catching Up!

This past weekend, we went to Memphis for a Thanksgiving celebration and photo shoot with Abbey's parents.

Baby Brooks was there.

The boys had a lot of fun and they did not play with our iphones the entire time, but they did have their fair share. I think Uncle Brookie was the only one in the entire house who doesn't have an iphone.

Lola fixed a delicious Thanksgiving spread.

Will wanted to eat with his big brothers.

He was so funny. He also wanted to clear the table. He was really good about taking the plates to the sink. He does have an obsession with the dishwasher so this really shouldn't surprise us, but it was cute.

Reed really liked Aunt Ava's potatoes and Nash thought the "chicken" was yummy. Even though he was told several times that it was turkey, he preferred to call it chicken.

Nash was amazed by the amount of food that Reed ate.

Reed has definitely found his silly side. He loves being silly.

Tonight we met our friends the Graysons and the Millers ate Cock of the Walk. The Millers are adopting a little girl named Amber Joy from Taiwan and the Graysons (who are visiting from Mississippi) are adopting a little boy named Asher from Taiwan.

Nash was excited to find a video game with a gun. He definitely our gun-loving son.

Annlee (the Grayson's oldest daughter) LOVED getting to play with Will.

I think that Nash is one of the cutest kids ever!

Reed and Deuce became instant friends. They bonded over the iphones!

Justin (Miller) is missing in this photo. We were never quite sure where he went!

After we left eating, we headed to Old Navy because card holders could get their Black Friday deals early. Last week my work started letting us wear jeans everyday (woohoo!), so I got some of their jeans for only $15 each!

Then we went to Sweet CeCe's for yogurt. They had a great groupon yesterday!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will be celebrating a little differently this year. We are thinking about going to Cracker Barrel for dinner or lunch.
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