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Saturday, June 11, 2011

VBS Week!

VBS week has come and gone, but it was an incredible week. We had such a great group of kids. Abbey and I taught the preteens. We had a blast with them.

Enna came to spend the week with us and Reed was SO happy to see her. Of course Nash and Will were excited too, but Reed loves it when we have grandparents around.

I did a terrible job taking pictures this week, so please forgive me for the lack of excellent pictures of our adorable kids.

One day Nash was having a bit of trouble being happy during music. Thankfully, he and Sara got along pretty well!

Will spent a lot of time napping in his sweet teacher's lap!

Reed enjoyed everything about VBS, especially Rec!

He got to spend time with his buddy Benji.

Every day was a mad rush to make it out the door in time. Thankfully Enna was there to help me as Abbey had to get to church early.

Enna left on Friday to go back home, and we headed home for a busy evening. Abbey stayed at church and worked. We took naps, then Uncle Bill came home. We all went and got haircuts and then went to the pool. The boys are doing so well with their swimming.

After that we headed back to the church for VBS family night.

Nash enjoyed the music.

Reed did to, but remember he doesn't like to smile for the camera.

Will enjoyed his time in big church as well. He was really well behaved.

The boys played on the bounce houses for a little while and then we went home. It was so hot. This morning, Will woke up at 6. I got up with him and then decided to be productive with my time and cleaned the kitchen and worked on laundry. I decided to work on the garage a little bit so that we could at least park the van in it. when I went to get the garbage can from the backyard, I saw this ENORMOUS turtle staring back at me. Bill coaxed him into a box and we took him to the pond.

Tonight we headed to the Davidson's house so that we could help celebrate Carah's 10th birthday!

That's a lot of preteen girls!

The boys enjoyed looking for lightening bugs!

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