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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nash Goes to the Dentist

The other day, Nash and Abbey loaded up and headed to the Dentist. It was Nash's first visit to the dentist, so we weren't sure how he would respond.

He loves manipulatives like the one he is playing with in the photo above. He was happy to see they had some toys in the Dentist office.

Nash got a ribbon for being cavity free. Unfortunately when Reed went to the dentist for the first time, he did have a cavity. His second visit though, was a cavity free visit.

Nash did not like the dentist visit though. Abbey said that he screamed and cried. The hygentist was very patient with him.

Getting balloons was Nash's favorite part of the visit.

Of course Abbey and Nash couldn't go near a Target and not go in.

Then they came downtown and had lunch with me. I was happy to get to spend some quality time with Abbey and Nash.

We ate at Otter's. They have our favorite chicken tenders.

The next day, Abbey had to take all three boys to the doctor for visits. Nash and Will needed their second flu shot and Reed needed to be seen about a rash.

Abbey got everyone there and was even 10 minutes early.

While at the Doctor's office, the boys helped Abbey feed Will.

Now, we're bracing for an ice storm possibility. Abbey and I think that it has probably been hyped up too much to actually happen.
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