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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Everyone Should have an Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill often spends the night with us on Tuesday nights. Tuesday nights are Chick-fil-a family nights, but also a night the boys look forward to because they LOVE Uncle Bill.

Tonight was extra special, because it was Christmas night with Uncle Bill. Reed was beside himself with excitement. Absolutely beside himself. I think he asked a few hundred times if it was time to open presents.

Finally it was time to open presents and Reed couldn't wait. Nash was pretty stoked as well.

They really dug into the presents.

Uncle Bill really over did it. He got them too much.

Reed opened his present and saw the box and was like "this is nice" and then wanted to open another present. He didn't realize the gift was inside.

Uncle Bill helped him open it and inside each boy's box was a cute striped toboggan, matching "Move It" thermal tees (that all three boys got), a sucker, Reed- boxer briefs and Nash-socks, a monster truck shirt, and most important to the boys a toy monster truck.

What didn't make it into the box were the tickets Uncle Bill bought Reed and Nash to go to a monster truck rally in early January. Reed is so excited.

Don't you think that everyone could use an Uncle Bill?

Uncle Bill didn't leave his namesake Will out.

He got him an educational bear, a Mickey Mouse silky, a teething toy, and of course, the two matching items above.

I think that Nash will really be excited when he figures out what is happening more. Can you imagine this little amazing guy has never experienced Christmas before?

Nash wanted to try on his new clothes.

Will was just chillin'.

Reed looked terribly cute in his new boxer briefs.

And he knew it!

Uncle Bill didn't forget us either. We got a bop-it game and some really nice sheets. When we stay at Uncle Bill's house, we always go on and on about his sheets. He lets us have his room when we're there. So, he got us incredible sheets. We've already washed them and have them ready to put on our bed.

We have been trying over the past several years to build Uncle Bill's pottery collection, also our favorite potter, Peter's Pottery. It's the best. We love it. So we got him his third candlestick.

We also got him his own copy of our annual desk calendar, this year with two more adorable faces!

And a photo collage from our photo shoot with Jennifer Adams.

The boys do love their Uncle Bill.

Nash tried on a pair of Reed's boxer briefs, so he was looking really dapper.

The boys with Uncle Bill in their matching PJs.
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