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Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Moment I Want to Remember

I (Abbey) don't blog often (okay, ever), but I had an experience with Reed tonight I want to remember. I'm writing for my own benefit, as this blog serves our family as a scrapbook for our lives. Sorry there are no pictures; Jeff will remedy that tomorrow or Saturday.

Today was a tough day. Reed and Nash were challenging. They emptied Will's closet of diapers (again) with me in the room. Reed says (still no verification) that he took a snail out of the aquarium and threw it behind the entertainment center. Nash stood on the table he knows he's not supposed to stand on because I have told him many times. I caught Reed throwing a drum stick in the air...and explaining he wanted to be like a baton girl in the parade. Will didn't disobey that I'm aware of, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. For now, he's my sweet little old man.

Tonight I was saying prayers with Reed before he went to sleep. In the middle of our prayer, Reed said, "Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?" We talked a bit about it in simple terms. I began to tell him about Jesus being born many years ago. He was quite disturbed that Jesus was born in a "barn" and was outside. He was also troubled that Mary was there when Jesus died on the cross. (He asked; I wasn't going to share that info. He wanted to know if his mama was there.)

One part of the story was particularly interesting for Reed. When I shared that the wise men brought gifts to a young Jesus and began to explain what they brought, Reed interrupted me, asking, "Did they bring Jesus monster trucks?" I began to laugh, and Reed immediately said, "Don't laugh, mommy. It's not funny."

No, Reed, the wise men did not bring Jesus monster trucks, but you certainly bring me joy. I love your desire to learn more about Jesus and really understand what is important in life. Thanks for reminding me of what's really important on a day when it was easy to get discouraged. I'm sure Jesus would have loved monster trucks if he had received them.
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