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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Enna and Poppy's

Today was celebration of Christmas with my parents, brothers, and their families. It was also a day of firsts, as neither of my brothers have met Nash or Will.

Aunt Aly thought that Will was super cute.

And Nash was adorable as well.

Joshi was a little shy at first when she was meeting her new cousins.

But she warmed up in time to ride in the trailer behind the tractor pulled by Uncle Bobby.

Will likes to cuddle with Poppy.

Aunt Shawna was happy to meet Will.

We have a picture of my cousins sitting on Papa's tractor with him. Now, we have Poppy on Papa's tractor with his grands.

The Land boys and 1 Girl, sweet Joshi.

Will liked Uncle Trae's facial hair.

Then it was time for present opening. Reed was, once again, beside himself.

He excitedly opened presents.

Nash was wowed by all of the gifts. We still don't think that he really understands what is going on.

Will was a trooper through the chaos.

We got Joshi a Vera Bradley Duffle and she LOVED it.

Reed and Nash only wanted 1 thing for Christmas "Monster trucks." Enna and Poppy got them their very own ride-on Monster Truck.

They were SO excited.

At first, I was really worried about Reed's driving. Not so good.

Then he really got the hang of it.

Joshi rode in the bed of the truck.

They were having a blast!

Reed talked on the phone and drove, but we wouldn't let him text or download apps.

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Aly got the boys matching MS State PJs, so we had to get a picture of them all together.

Enna put on her Alma Mater's wind jacket to match the kiddos.

Reed and Uncle Bobby did some eskimo kisses.

Then they played, "ride on Uncle Bobby's back".

They had lots of fun. It's too bad that we live so far away.

Finally they played pile up on Uncle Bobby.

We even got a family picture! I am so glad that I remembered to ask for one.

I wish that I looked a little more clean cut in the picture though. I could have at least tucked my shirt in.

We decided to do a silly picture.

Which we perfected.

Enna and Poppy with the grands.

Aunt Aly, Uncle Bobby, and Joshi.

My brothers beating me up as usual. I love them so much.

We are very blessed.
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