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Sunday, January 10, 2010

VBS Institute and Preview

Sorry there has been a lag in the blog, but we couldn't get onto picasa while we were in North Carolina.

First up are pictures from this year's vbs decorations.

Bible Study




Reacreation at Mustang Mountain

This is where all of the attendees got to sample all of the crafts.

Another view of the chuckwagon.

Uncle Bill's conference room.

Rhonda's conference room.

My conference room.

This was the craft's conference room. Abbey wrote the crafts guide this year, so be sure to look for her name when you purchase the curriculum.

Some other cute decorations:

And some of this year's snacks:

This year's crafts:

Preschool crafts:

Becky milking a cow:

More pictures of Reed coming up tomorrow. I know that's why you come over anyway.
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