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Monday, January 04, 2010

A Cute Little Panini

Abbey wanted a sandwich maker for Christmas, so we asked my parents to get her one for Christmas. My mom couldn't find one that she liked for Abbey, so she got her a panini maker.

At first, Abbey was a little concerned, because it wasn't exactly what she wanted. But, as she thought about it, she realized that it might be better than a sandwich maker.

And according to Abbey, it is definitely better. She said her sandwich was wonderful and apparently it was, because Reed (who eats nothing!) ate an entire sandwich.

The men of the house do the dishes, so Reed had to clean the Panini maker.

Look at those sleepy eyes that did not take a nap today, but he did go to sleep early tonight.

Hopefully the two pictures above will show up as videos. If not, click on them and see if they are working.
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