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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VBS Preview

Reed and Abbey came to my workplace today for Corporate Bring Your Family To Work Day. It was fun. Next year's VBS themes were debuted.

Saddle Ridge Ranch looks like it is going to be a fun theme.

While Reed was excited about being at "daddy work" he was more interested in looking for Uncle Bill.

He was very excited when he saw him!

I was busy with the preteen booth.

Reed was not so sure about all those kids that Daddy was talking too.

This year's inflatables are a coyote and a horse. The horse is VERY durable!

Reed made them kiss!

Of course, he drug Uncle Bill everywhere!

AND he was thrilled when he spotted a BIG BALL (globe) on the world bridge.

"A little higher Uncle Bill."

Reed played some gams in the recreation area. Then we went to lunch and Abbey went home. Reed spent the rest of the afternoon with me. He was really sleepy, so he took a nap for most of the time. He played with Kay Kay, Ms. Cheryl, and Mr. James though.

After supper tonight, I was doing the dishes and Abbey was talking to me in the kitchen. Reed had asked to be excused (yes, we already are making him ask to be excused), so he was playing ... we thought.

All of a sudden we started hearing this loud ruckus, but we just assumed that Reed had decided to change bedrooms, and the loud noise was him moving his dresser or something. Seriously, he didn't sound like he was hurt so we just went about our business.

After the dishes, I went outside to finish mowing the yard before heading over to mow Manya's yard. Abbey and Reed headed out to church. When I was finished mowing, I came in and went upstairs to take a shower. When I got there, I saw the toilet exactly as the picture about. I thought it looked peculiar with the lid opened at a 39 degree angle.

Until I opened it! The picture above is missing my can of shaving cream. I had to take it out before Abbey and Reed got home from church and I wanted to make sure that I got a picture of it.

Reed was SO proud of himself! I hated to burst his bubble, but I did explain to him that there were only certain items that went into the potty.

Upon reaching the bottom of the bowl, I realized that the reason nothing was wet in the toilet was because Reed had had the foresight to remember to throw a brand-new mega roll of Charmin (one of the few items that we never skimp on for generic!) in the bottom to soak up the water. This lead to a further explanation that you only put a little bit of TP in the potty.

After all that work, Reed needed a snack of "butter."

Yummy mia!
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