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Monday, July 20, 2009

Update from New Mexico

We are here in New Mexico and have had a nice time so far. Yesterday, Reed and Enna left our house at the same time we did to go to the airport. Enna reports that Reed was a very great traveler and that he was a very sweet boy.

They stopped on the way home to see Joshi, Uncle Bobby, and Aunt Aly. This was a lot of fun for Reed.

Reed was not really impressed with Uncle Bobby's police dog though.

We had a nice flight into New Mexico. We stayed in Albuquerque last night and drove into Glorieta this afternoon. We stopped in Sante Fe for some good eating at Tortilla Flats.

Joshi and Reed were excited to see each other. I think this is a really sweet picture. Today, Reed and Enna went to the Natural Science museum where they have huge aquariums and Reed got to see a real-live "oppupus". Then they played with the water hose.

Tomorrow, I believe that Poppy is going to take off work and they are going to have some more fun.

We will begin teaching tomorrow morning at 9:15. Attendance is down this year. I guess the economy has slowed some of the visitors, but there are tons of 'Fuge kids here to make up for the lack of adults!
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