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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. Regardless of the fact that everyone realizes that VD is a ploy by retailers across the world to get men and women to spend lots of money on mylar balloons and chocolate shaped lips, I still like the day, as would any hopeless romantic. I really like to try to get things for Abbey that she is not expecting. Because I am not sure when she will read this post, I will have to give you a post-VD report. Abbey will probably still think that her best VD present was yesterday when she got a snow day off from school for no apparent reason. Attached to my computer monitor is poem that Abbey wrote for me some time ago and it has been in my office for the past 3 jobs that remind me of how much she loves me. But I think I would like to post it here to Abbey, because it echoes my feelings for her.
Is it possible to explain,
Or even comprehend-
That God would send
Someone like you
To someone like me.
Here's a renewal-
Of a promise we made,
4 years ago (edited for obvious reasons),
On that memorable day.
When someone like you,
Promised to love,
Someone like me.
Somedays it's tough
I don't know what to say,
Will I ever do enough?
To prove to you in everyway
How special I feel
To have someone like you
Love someone like me
Things get so busy, so fast
Many times you feel left out
Or that you come in last
Leaving you filled with doubt
It's a wonder that
Someone like you
Loves someone like me
Very few will ever be blessed
To have someone like you
Love someone like me
I'm so glad God gave me
Someone like you
To love someone like me.
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