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Friday, February 24, 2006

A Night By Myself

I am by myself tonight because my beautiful wife is off being adjudicated (I know that I have a couple of people who agree with me on this, but why can't the handbell people just be judged. No, they have to be adjudicated. I mean even the ice skaters are judged. What do you call the people who adjucate? I am thinking adjudes or adjuders.) with the handbell choir from our church. I have been left here alone. I spent a good portion of the day down at Vanderbilt in the Divinity Library research articles for the paper I have to write next week at my doctoral interview. Jack, one of the coolest kids in the world, tells me that I put too much information on my blog, so maybe I should quit with this, but I am not. Thankfully, my friends Frank and Sheila rescued me from a night of boredom by inviting me to join them for coffee at our favorite place, Starbucks! It was mucho yum. Cinnamon Dolce Latte is my current favorite! I just found out that you can see how many calories and sugars, etc. are in the drinks at the Anyhow, I am trying to limit my sugar intake currently so I am drinking lots of sparkling water and I am eating soy nuts for snacks. Kim, another friend of mine, is trying to help me become a healthier eater! It's going to take a lot of prayer. While this has been a blast, I must go fold clothes and put the clean sheets on the bed!
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