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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Queen of Fairfield

If you knew my Mimi, being named Queen of her assisted living facility is a major ordeal. As much as I love her, she's not big on socialization at all. I remember being flabbergasted when she once told me she didn't like Christmas. However, I am quite proud of her recent ascent to royalty. So, this is a tribute to her. The picture on the left was taken during her 80th Birthday Celebration. These are some of my cousins on the Drake side, beginning with the bottom left: Courtney (she lives in Hattiesburg with her husband and 3 children), Mimi, Ava (my sister), Me - Abbey, top is Chris (he lives in Louisiana with his wife and son; he has been instrumental in reestablishing network connections/communications in New Orleans after Katrina), Ben (currently attends MSU), Richard (lives in Batesville (our old house, even!) with his wife and son), Molly (currently pregnant! but I can't exactly remember where they live...starts with a C I think), and Sam (lives in Conyers, GA). Unfortunately, my favorite cousin in the world, Jason, is absent from this picture. He was bonding with his father in Colorado. The good news is he is getting married July 22! In case you cannot tell, I love my family and am very proud of all of them. We don't get to visit much, but they aren't far from my mind.

The picture on the right is a close up of Ava and Mimi.

(You're probably shocked that I (Abbey) am posting, but Jeff is getting somewhat carried away with his blogging! Because we were home for more than 10 minutes, he provided you with a minute by minute play of our life recently. As some of you already know, my standard response to Jeff's actions is, "I'm sorry.")
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