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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miss Candace's Pumpkin Party

 Every year Ms. Candace has a pumpkin party and every year we go to the party. This year, though, Abbey had to miss the party because she was running a half-marathon in Chattanooga.

The boys and I still went and we had a lot of fun. Even though the point of the party is to carve pumpkins, we never actually carve pumpkins, because the thought of having to reach inside of a pumpkin and pull it's guts out makes my stomach turn.
 Thankfully, Candace always has little pumpkins for the boys to decorate. Some years she is daring and even let's them paint the pumpkins. This year, however, wasn't that year. She did have some great stickers for the pumpkins.
 Will was very proud of his pumpkin and he did do a great job at decorating it.

 Nash really loved that this year's new addition to the party was a bounce house. I hope that Ms. Candace is planning on renting another one next year or there might be a revolt.

Of course, KK has a lot of things to play with at her house, so the boys never get bored. They even have ducks that won't stay at the pond and continually come back to their house even when they try to make them go away.
 Reed has been to the pumpkin party every year and he is getting so old. Maybe next year he can carve a pumpkin himself.
The highlight of the evening was the hayride. KK pulled us on the trailer through the back pasture. It was a lot of fun. And Abbey ... well ... she got sick and ended up not being able to run the whole race.

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