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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas Morning

Since we travel during Christmas, we sent an email to Santa and asked him to come on the Saturday before Christmas.

He said that he understood our need and he happily came early. The boys slept in our room for "Christmas Eve" because we we're sure the boys would wake up and go through everything if we didn't stop them.

Unlike Abbey and me, we were surprised the boys mostly slept in until 6:30. They were soo excited about Christmas.

Santa even left stuff in my stocking.

I went and got Tuck when the other boys were up and we attempted a picture of the boys before they came out and saw their toys.

Will was excited about his new videos.

Nash was excited about everything.

He even did a dance he was so excited.

Reed was so excited to get Skylanders swap force. He yelled and screamed.

During the cookie swap, the boys and I went shopping for Abbey. Nash picked Abbey some Ninja Turtle Panties.

The boys were so ready to be outside to play with their toys.

They got remote control cars, soccer goals, and Will even got his first bike.

They were all so thankful and sweet for their presents.

Weren't they adorable in their Christmas colored pjs?

Tuck was probably the least excited about Christmas because he doesn't understand, but I absolutely loved Christmas this year. The boys were so very excited.

They played with their new toys all day. We didn't have to leave for out of town until Sunday, so it was nice to have time for them to enjoy their presents.

Reed's words were "This is the best Christmas ever."
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