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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Be Twenty: January 7, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Today is our beloved Ms. Kelsie's 20th Birthday. She invited us to eat with her family at Chuy's. It's rare that nonfamily members choose to eat out with us, so we were honored. Hope she had a great day.

Also wanted to share some funnies from bedtime tonight:

Reed: Daddy when you decided to marry mommy, did you pick her out of a line?
Me: No, we met in class and I asked her on a date.
Reed: did you K-I-S-S her?

Nash: Daddy, I have two questions.
Me: OK
Nash: Sometimes there are mean people at school.
Reed (whispers to me): Daddy, I don't think Nash knows what a question is.

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