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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas at Pop and Lola's House

The boys couldn't wait to get to Pop and Lola's house. They love going to their grandparents' houses. After church on Sunday we traveled to Memphis to spend some time with Pop, Lola, Aunt Ava, Uncle Brookie, and Brooks.

The boys were dying to open presents so we didn't waste any time getting to the gifts.

Tuck still isn't sure about why it is ok to make a mess of Christmas paper and boxes when he would get in trouble at home for doing the same thing.

Will patiently waited for all of his gifts to be delivered.

Nash and Reed loved all of their presents. They got some really nice things.

Even Uncle Edward, Aunt Darlene, and cousin AJ came for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately, the night we go there, Abbey also came down with a serious stomach bug. She was down for the count all day Monday and was pretty sluggish on Tuesday as well. Thank goodness we were at Pop and Lola's so they could help take care of the boys.

Brooks, unlike Tuck, loved opening presents. We came in after dinner and he was even opening my presents. That's great though, because I'm much more interested in seeing what everyone else than my own stuff.

We tried really hard to get Lola a picture of her grandsons but we didn't get much cooperation. We left Pop and Lola's on Christmas morning and drove to Enna and Poppy's house.
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