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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tuck's First Birthday

I can hardly believe that we celebrated Tuck's first birthday yesterday. Tuck's birth was one that most people who adopt internationally don't usually get. We were able to follow his birthmother's pregnancy and knew the exact day when he was scheduled to be born. So, for us, his birth was probably as close to a real pregnancy as we have experienced.

Everyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that Abbey takes party planning seriously. She decided that this party would be a pumpkin party. So, we have been collecting pumpkins for a little while. Abbey searched for the best pumpkin type recipes and she decided on a nice fall menu.

Unlike most of the parties, Abbey decided that we should invite "family" to the party, so we didn't have the big blowout party that we normally have. Well, that's not completely true. There was still plenty of food and decor, just not so many people that we had to move the location.

The brothers were excited that they got to have a few of their friends come over. Reed had Britton, Nash had Caleb, Will had Paityn, and Tuck had Carah and Cate.

Abbey's menu consisted of homemade vegetable beef soup, grilled cheese on sourdough (my contribution), apples with caramel dip and pumpkin dip, and cheese puff balls.

I think that everything was really nicely decorated. The guests all left with their own pumpkin party mix and the kids got their own pumpkin tray plate. Also, Abbey made pumpkin spice play doh for the kids to play with while they were at the party. Yes, that's right, she made play doh that pumpkin scented.

The special guests for Tuck's party were Pop and Lola, Uncle Bill, Miss Candace, The Batsons, and the Davidsons.

It was a great party.

We have been so blessed over the past year to have Tuck in our lives. Most people knew that having a fourth child was definitely not on our radar. Our family story is an amazing testament of how amazing God's plan is. We were the family that wanted a boy and a girl, which became a boy, two more boys and we were done. Thankfully, God knew that we need Tuck.

He helps move the cuteness factor of our boys to straight over the top!

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