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Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Reed is a soccer player for sure. This past Saturday, it was cold so Reed was wearing his hat that Mrs. Abbey (aka Tamara) gave him to wear.

I love watching Reed play soccer. He is so fast and athletic. He is really good.

Coach Cody is so good with Reed. He takes time to explain things to Reed and I am proud of how well Reed listens to him.

And then we have Nash. He is our silly soccer player. I mentioned in the last post that Nash recently got his first goal. I was so proud.

Nash's signature move in soccer is to fall down. Once he falls he sits for the remainder of the play.

Another hilarious (and a little smart) thing that Nash does is waits for the ball to come to him. And when we he sees the ball coming to him he moves into action. He will really go over to the ball and try to get it.

Will refuses to go the soccer field without wearing a soccer jersey. It is so funny. He loves "coccer."

Super Tuck was super cold, but Uncle Bill was great at keeping him warm.

Coach Todd always makes sure the players know where their goal is.

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