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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fun at Pop and Lola's House

Last week I had to go to North Carolina so Abbey and the boys headed to Pop and Lola's house. The boys were thrilled to get to spend time with Pop and Lola.

Pop and Lola have lots of room for the boys to run and explore. Reed likes throwing balls with Pop.

They got to go to the zoo in Memphis. Memphis has a really nice zoo and the boys loved getting to see all of that animals.

Nash appointed himself to be the navigator. He had a lot of fun reading the map. He is very serious.

The boys got to ride on the carousel which is always one of their highlights of the zoo.

Abbey was looking especially beautiful in the natural light. I'm not sure who was the photographer but I think that whoever did it, did a great job.

Lola got the boys some super cute jack-o-lantern t-shirts. The boys look really good in orange.

Will believes that safety comes first so he was glad to put on his helmet. He was also super cute putting on his helmet.

At the end of the week, Aunt Ava and Baby Brooks drove up from Jackson to see everybody. The boys love their aunt Ava.

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