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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mama's Helpers

The other day the boys helped Abbey cook. Nash is definitely interested in cooking.

Look how sweet Reed is to share with his brother. Although I wasn't there when the photo was taken, I would imagine that it was more of a way for Reed to control how much batter Nash was able to enjoy.

The boys got ready for Hawaiian Chicken. It is one of our favorite meals.

The boys were very careful to make sure that all of the their measurements were exactly right. They are very tedious little boys (NOT!). Reed is wearing one of his VBS crafts.

Will was very busy himself. He was busy figuring out how to hook Tuck's paci clip to his shirt.

Finally he gave up and then put the paci in his mouth. Will was never big on the paci, but he is our only son that ever showed his thumb any attention.

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