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Monday, June 18, 2012

Beach Trip Day 5

When you have a beautiful child, you just know that you have a beautiful child. You can't even hold yourself back, you just have to say it.

And then you have those crazily adorable little kiddos that he just want to eat up.

And then there are those kiddos that every time you look at them you remember the first time they stole your heart.

And sometimes there are those kids that you just can't wait to see again because they are so excited to see you.

Our time at the beach was a blast. Today was the date of some of our most favorite photos. One of my favorite photos ever came from day 5

Is that not the most amazing picture of Nash you have ever seen? He is one amazing little boys.

By day 5, Tuck was enjoying the beach a little more. He never slept great during the night, but it could have been the sand in his bed.

Nash is definitely a tropical baby. He loves to be warm and hates to be cold.

Uncle Bill helped the boys fly kites. Uncle Bill told them boys that they could listen to the string and hear aliens talking. Rees thought that was hilarious.

Although Reed has his arms wrapped around Uncle Bill's neck it is really Uncle Bill who is wrapped around Reed's finger.

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