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Monday, June 18, 2012

Beach Day 6

The sun was really bothering CeeLo's (I mean Will's) eyes, so he was careful to use his sunglasses and any other person who let them get off his or her head.

The people on the other side of the house told us that you could catch hermit crabs at Fort Morgan. So, we went down there and found ONE hermit crab. But it was a lot of fun ...

... Until we got bitten by tracker jackers. OK, so maybe they weren't tracker jackers, but I have read the entire Hunger Games series. What I can says is that these bug bites were the worst bites I've ever received. The boys got bitten badly too.

No visit to the beach is complete without going to the Purple Octopus for souvenir shopping. And I mean souvenir shopping from the least actual seriousness of the word. But Reed has always loved the purple octopus.

By day 6, Tuck was really happy with the beach.

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