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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Busy Little Boys

On Friday, the boys went to the Frey's home to play together. The boys always have fun when they play with one another. Mrs. Stacy planned a craft time for them.

Friday night, the boys hung out at church while Abbey worked at Parent's Night Out and I went to the Courageous movie. It's a great movie. You should go and see it.

It was a really, really late night. We were out really late and the boys were tired from having so much fun playing with their buddies.

Wesley LOVES Will!

Saturday morning we woke up way too early and drove to Chattanooga for our Tennessee Taiwanese Kiddo Reunion. It was so much fun!

Those kids were so cute!!! The little girl next to Will is named Lexie. She was in Taiwan while we were in Taiwan to get the boys. We held her and told her that her mom was coming to see her! We are not sure how it happened, but Will acted like he remembered her exactly! It was so funny and amazing!
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