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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I'm not going to tell you some pitiful excuse as to why I am once again a laggard blogger, but I will tell you that we've been extremely busy.

So, here's a quick update on Will.

Will is growing like crazy! He is active ... very active!

He also likes to eat. He's the best eater in the house.

Will is very happy and right now he is very much into his Mommy. He likes to know where she is at all times. If she's not around, Daddy will do okay, but he really wants Mama.

Nash is still our happy little guy.

He is sweet and likes smiles. He likes to get his way all the time. He wants to be wherever Reed is.

He is very much into monster trucks and cooking.

I think he could be a model, because he is adorably cute.

Reed is growing tall and so completely smart.

We would have pictures of him on here, but he currently hates the camera.

At least two of our kids will smile for the camera. Which, if you can't tell, these pictures are just more of the ones from the last blog.

The whole family is traveling again this weekend.

Abbey and the boys are going to Mississippi to visit family and to go to Ava's baby shower.

I'm going to my seminary alma mater to teach some classes.

Oh look, the elusive Reed appears!

Just don't expect him to smile for the camera.
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