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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Saturday afternoon, we decided to give the boys their Easter baskets. We want to make sure that the boys know the real reason why we celebrate Easter, so Easter baskets were fairly low-key.

Reed is definitely good at getting excited about surprises.

Nash is learning.

We had to explain to the boys that they couldn't eat all of the candy in one day.

They also got lots of silly bands. Many of which I've thrown away already, because any time I find them on the floor, etc. I throw them away.

Will enjoyed playing and getting into his basket.

I'm sure that you all are excited to finally see pictures of Reed.

Still completely adorable.

More mischievous.

Is that the cutest foot you have ever seen?

Our super playful and adorable Nash loved the sand toys they got for Easter. We're going to the beach in about 2 weeks! Woo to the hoo!

We are going to have some baseball players on our hands. Nash has an incredible swing and Reed is an excellent thrower.

At this point, Will is more of a fan, but he'll probably get into the ball scene soon.

Nash loves to be silly.

Lola got the boys some cool chairs for them to sit in when they need a break while they are playing outside.

So, here is the "Land Fam Easter" pic. What do you think?

Obviously the boys saw something that we didn't.

And then Reed got tired of getting photographed.

The Davidson's were looking especially dapper for Easter.

Will was not really impressed with the idea of getting a Davdison/Land photo.

We had Easter lunch with the church staff. I got these flowers out of our neighbors yard (with permission).

Will was looking ultra cute Easter morning. Abbey was glowing and beautiful as usual.

It was a wonderful Easter.
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