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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow! Our Weeks Fly By!

Sorry, I know that you are interested in our interesting lives. I'm so sorry that I've not updated sooner. On Reed's birthday, Manya brought him Breakfast. Everyone needs a Manya.

Nash thought it was a little early for Manya's breakfast surprise.

For those of you who might be wondering, yes, this is Nash's "cheese" face.

Abbey and Nash took donut holes to Reed's preschool class to celebrate.

Reed loves his class and his teacher. I think he was happy to celebrate with them.

They also picked up Britton to be able to celebrate with Reed and their friends.

What's not to celebrate about Capri Sun and Donut holes?

Nash loves to sit next to his big brother. They love each other so much.

After refreshments, Reed and his friends went out to play on the play ground.

Mrs. Kenya made Reed's "4" shirt for us.

Nash is really excited about going to preschool next year.

I have to say that I think that Reed's preschool is one of the best ever. He has learned so much.

Later, after school, Reed, Nash, Will, Abbey, and Lola went to the park for a picnic.

We love the park.

Cheetos at the park are the best.

Lola is a good swing pusher!

I think Reed had a great birthday! We actually celebrated some more at church, but the batteries on the camera died.
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