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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Whoa! Whoa! Here Comes Play Doh!

Several weeks ago, Abbey, Reed, Nash, and Will had the pleasure of a visit from Mary Catherine.

MC helped the boys have lots of fun with Play Doh. Nash LOVES to cook on his grill that Aunt Ava gave him, so he had a lot of fun playing with the Play Doh kitchen.

Reed and MC had fun pushing the dough through the presser.

Will enjoyed just being around his brothers and of course, MC.

The past week has been EXTREMELY busy.

Thursday-Saturday we had VBS preview. It was really good, but we were exhausted at the end of it.

Nash and Reed have been busy playing. Very busy.

Will is growing so quickly. He had a doctor well-check this week and got his last vaccination for a little while. He still continues to have sinus/allergy issues, but thankfully there is a new pediatrician at our clinic who really seems to be attentive to Will's goal to BREATHE!

This week has FLOWN by. Abbey has been doing laundry like SuperWoman! I was doing pretty good helping her with the laundry but lately, I've really not been that helpful. She has done it all. I need to get some inspiration to help her with the laundry!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get the boys SSNs changed to their American names. We had a terrible time getting Reed's card the last time, so I am hopeful that it is going to be much easier this time.

Tomorrow evening we are really excited that Laura and Zach, Abbey's cousin and her husband from Arkansas are coming to see us. Well, really they are coming to see Dave Ramsey Live, but they are going to see us while they are here.

Saturday we are REALLY excited that we're going to meet some fellow Taiwanese Adoptive Families. We are so excited to get to meet them and know let our boys see some other kids from their homeland.

Several babies from both of our agencies are going to be there. We are excited to take some pictures and have some fun getting to know them. It's really funny that we've never actually met another Taiwanese adoptee!

Thankfully, Saturday evening, we are free of plans!

Sunday will be busy with church. The Super Bowl is Sunday, and I'm trying to remember who is playing. I'm just not really athletically inclined.

This is Abbey's granny's rolling pin. Like her grandmother, Abbey also doesn't see the importance of removing the price tags from items.
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