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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tennessee Taiwan Reunion

Today, we had our first Tennessee Taiwan reunion and it was a blast!

M enjoyed pushing L around in the car.

B is absolutely adorable.

I am not sure that L has ever met a stranger. She's bubbly and beautiful.

Will had a great time being held by lots of people! He loved getting the attention.

H is one of the cutest little boys. He was one of the first ones adopted through AGCI, the agency that we used to adopt Will and Nash.

We met at the most incredible place called "Sodium." It is a "family coffee house." It had stuff for every age group. It was great.

Of course, Nash had to gather up all of the toys he could find.

Baby E and Will wore born 2 weeks apart and were "crib" neighbors in Taiwan. Isn't it unique that we all ended up living in the same area. E's mom even used to work at the same place I work.

Ironically enough, April (H's mom) also used to work where I work!

Reed was so sweet. He really thought we were going to Taiwan today to play with his friends.

April really enjoyed holding baby Will. They are in the process of adopting another little one from Ethiopia.

L's mom and dad offered to have the next get together at their house. We're hoping for early summer.

M's mom Amy was also getting lots of baby Will time.

Will enjoyed getting to spend time with his first buddy E. It was really neat to see them together again.

Who would have known, other than God, that these two little boys would be born in the same country thousands of miles away and then would end up living 30 miles away from each other in America?

Nash, Will, H, and E are all from our agency AGCI. Hopefully all of their special mommies will get to see this post and see them all together again!

We love all of our friends at HH and MLH.

Will found plenty of places that the he could pull himself up on.

The next few pictures were of us trying to get a "Taiwan cuties photo". H's mom got the best one, but you'll have to see it on my FB.

C was very interested in his book.

E's family is going to Taiwan in 3 weeks to pick up B. They are pretty excited!

We had the best time today! It was so much fun!
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