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Monday, August 02, 2010

Give the Boy Some Dots!

The other night we finally set up Will's room. The bedding that we chose had some vinyl wall accessories. We put them on the wall and Reed was fascinated by them.

So fascinated that he figured out how to pull the vinyl dots off.

I guess that we should have put them a little higher.

Especially since this is what we saw when we came into his room tonight.

Yep, our cute little guy figured out how to move the dots from Will's room right on into Nash and Reed's room. I am sure that Nash is going to appreciate the fact that Reed wanted them to have a few dots.

I love how preschoolers decorate.

The bed, bedding, and glider area.

Tonight, Reed and I signed up for soccer. Well, I signed Reed up to play soccer and I signed up to be an assistant in soccer (with the stipulation that I worked with Coach Todd). I know NOTHING about soccer except for the fact that you are trying to get the ball in the goal and I think that the person who guards the goal might be called a goalie but that might be hockey.

Reed was REALLY excited about getting to sign up for soccer. He didn't take a nap today and was extremely hyper.

Gotta love that face!
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