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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Welcome Sunshine

The sunshiny weather has been amazing over the past several days. It's supposed to rain on Saturday and judging from how windy it is tonight, I am guessing that's pretty accurate.

Reed loves the beautiful weather and is almost constantly asking to go to "my backyard to play." I am so thankful that we have a fenced backyard because it makes me feel safer because Reed tends to get too close to the road for my comfort when we are in the front yard.

Reed loves to blow bubbles, but he also loves spilling his "bubble juice" and then doesn't understand why he can't blow them anymore.

He does a very good job though at controlling his breath in order to blow lots of bubbles.

He has definitely been a lot of fun to watch play outside this spring. He goes from one thing to the next. Right now our backyard is littered with balls, blocks, chalk, and so forth. He loves playing baseball and has learned to pitch pretty decently for me to hit the ball. I like playing this game because it helps to burn a little energy. He pitches, I hit it to the fence, he runs and gets it. The run to get it usually involves a flip along the way. He likes to combine a little tumbling routine with baseball. It's sort of Cirque meets MLB.

Notice the bubble juice marks all over his clothes!

Thursday he got to take his Easter basket to school for an egg hunt. He has several Easter baskets, but he wanted to take his monkey one. Notice his amazing hairstyle. This is what his "up" hair looks like in the morning. It's hard to get it to do anything without washing it, so pretty much the only day Reed has a decent style is on Sunday mornings because we wash it in the AM instead of the PM.

The other night the Batson's came over to eat supper with us and the boys had a great time playing on the swingset. Reed loves the two little "sandboxes" Lola made for him. She was actually just filling two holes in our backyard from Reed's old swing. Reed likes finding worms in the sand. Yesterday Reed found a worm and was sure that the worm wanted to kiss Abbey. She wouldn't let him, so the worm had to kiss me.

This one is really for the cute little Asian smile, than the Caucasian sinister smile.

Reed thinks slides are really opportunities to climb. Britton follows closely behind!

The boys enjoyed a picnic on the little picnic table on the swingset.
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