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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

I was in Oklahoma this weekend, so Abbey and Reed had a great chance to spend some time together.

They made some yummy Rice Kripy Treats. It was a great time, but I really missed some good treats according to these pictures.

And ... I love Rice Krispy Treats.

The other thing is that they must have been 10 times better because they were made by my favorite little Asian chef!

I think that Reed enjoyed hanging out with his Mama!

When I got home from the airport today, Reed was snoozing.

It gave Abbey and me a chance to catch up and have a nice little uninterrupted conversation.

Next weekend, Reed and I have a chance for some Daddy and Reed time because Abbey is going to Florida to teach at a conference in Jacksonville. We have really been racking up the miles this month.

Click on the picture above to see a cute, uneventful video of Reed talking about his Rice Krispy Treats.

This is Reed this morning before church. I think Abbey must have been doting on how cute he was, because he is totally rolling his eyes.

Be sure to check out this last video:

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