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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Late Post

I was supposed to post this the other night. I uploaded the pictures and then forgot or didn't have time to do the post.

Reed went to the zoo the other day with our little girls from Uganda and the Philippines. The girls have gone home now much to Reed's delight. He was a little (lot) jealous.

We are out of town this weekend, so Reed is staying at Pop and Lola's house.

Unfortunately, Reed doesn't feel well. It is hard to be so far away while he is sick. We have got to get him an appointment with an allergist when he comes home.

I think that Pop and Lola are enjoying a little more "cuddle" time this weekend than one normally gets from the Reedster.

Yesterday, we flew to DC for a training that Abbey and I are leading in Baltimore. We walked and walked and walked and walked and saw most of the monuments and memorials. Today we were going to go to the Holocaust museum, but the the Cherry Blossom Parade is downtown and the traffic will be atrocious. So, we decided to sleep: LATE!

Reed likes wearing other people's shoes. Anyones shoes.

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