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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Visit from Lola

Lola was having a bad week, so she decided that she should come and see Reed.

Abbey decided to get Lola some flowers to help cheer her up.

Of course, she loved the flowers, but she loved getting to see Reed even more.

Reed has been practicing riding on his bike a lot lately.

The other day, we practiced riding at Mia's house.

Reed likes riding his bike, but he doesn't really get the idea.

I had to go to teach at a conference in Kentucky, so Abbey, Reed, and Lola went to the zoo.

Reed loves the zoo. He loves to see Margarita, Savannah, and Congo—the giraffes.

Reed also loves the carousel.

While they were at the red panda exhibit Reed heard some Asian music. He asked where they music was coming from and Abbey told him that it was from the speakers. Reed was intrigued by the speakers, but not the music. He didn't care for it.

Later when asked what Reed's favorite part of the zoo was, he responded with "Speakers".

Apparently we have a sound guy on our hands.

Does this picture of Reed sort of make you think of Curious George? For some reason, I keep thinking that it looks like Curious George.

Tonight, Reed was hitting Lola with his "carrot bat."

Abbey said to Reed: "Don't hit Lola with the bat."

Reed looked at Lola and said: "You breakable?"

He cracks us up.
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