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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Land Family Weekend Update!

Uncle Bill came over and apparently neither he nor Reed were ready to this picture. He helped us work in the yard and also clean our messy garage!

Reed and Uncle Bill like to be silly.

Last night we went to Chili's (which we told Reed was called Chili Bells, because he wanted to go to Taco Bell). After Chili's the "HOT" light was on at Krispy Kreme so we went over for some donut dessert. Reed LOVED the KK donuts which is funny because he's always loved dunkin donuts on to eat the tops of them, but he devoured the Krispy Kreme ones.

Today we woke up and headed to church, but of course, Reed was not ready for a photo shoot.

He did sit still for a few minutes for a drink of juice.

This picture was actually taken this evening. This morning Reed had a green and white plaid shirt under the sweater, but he got peach juice on it at lunch.

This week isn't going to be too terribly busy for us, I think. We are going to Kentucky at the end of the week for me to teach at a conference, but thankfully, Abbey and Reed are getting to go with me.

Reed and I took a self-portrait tonight. I had to take the time to teach Reed about the different angles at which you can take pictures. For instance, when you have more than one chin as I do, you should not take a picture like the one above. The camera needs to be at or above face level.

Reed has been extremely sweet lately. He's started telling me and Abbey that we are the best, which of course, we love.

Every night when we get out of the tub, I blow dry Reed's hair. He loves it when I make it stick straight up. Tonight it was great!

And then it was time to go to bed, and yes, he is wearing Christmas PJs, but only until he gets to bed. Reed prefers to sleep in undies only!
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