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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!

I mentioned a few posts ago that Reed loves for me to blow-dry his hair sticking straight up. Every night I think that maybe I can get away with just blow drying it normally, but still every night he asks for me to "bwow dwy his hair fraight up in d air".

And man does his hair stick up! It sticks straight into the air.

For the past couple of days, it has been AMAZINGLY beautiful outside. Just amazing.

Reed and I had a great time the other day walking and riding bikes and then today, he and Abbey had a good time playing outside. Britton, Paitynn, and Tamara came over later and played outside with Reed.

I think that Reed was trying to get bubble to go through the "target".

Reed loves to be outside.

He had lot of fun playing on his swingset.

Right now, the picnic table top is functioning as a chalkboard.

Reed is pretty much happy with that function of the picnic table.

He also has been enjoying playing baseball. The other day, his favorite thing was to throw the ball over the fence into the neighbors yard.

Reed has a favorite new saying or response when you say something to him: "What you had said?"

We're trying to work with Reed using correct grammar, but it is really funny when he says this.

We're blessed.
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